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    About Caiman service

    Our service pursues accuracy and specific. From consultation before sales, enthusiastic services to recommending products in sale, we are all accurate and careful. From powerful design, development, manufacturing, debugging and maintenance, repay visit from time to time to strict quality guarantee, abundant spare parts with reasonable price and quick, satisfying service, every step is full of our cautious preparation and all these are done to minimize clients’ worries.

    Our company strengthens communication with our clients, not only hoping to learn clients’ evaluation of our products, but also hoping to enter a new era of “leading people to consume and making them reassured”. Realize high efficiency and low cost of the company, improve feedback speed of market, quicken technical innovation, ensure high quality and reduce production cost--- we do all these to enable the clients to get more benefits and to seek more business opportunities in the market.

    Caiman people have created the brand “Caiman” with many years’ hard work and experience. Without satisfactory clients there will be no future for the company. We must develop new technologies and new products for our clients, and make our popularity on a high level in this field; we must heighten our position and set a good example in the field. A group of experienced staffs are ready to serve you with enthusiasm at any moment!