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Cement mill

Application of cement quarry

In General, Portland cement is the main production of the cement industry. Portland cement is a kind of meticulous powder, often grey, which consists of calcium (limestone), silicate, aluminate (clay) and ferrite. Limestone is the main raw material for the production of cement, most plants are near the limestone quarries to minimize transportation costs.

Cement crushing machine:

For cement primary crushing, we recommend Caiman Jaw crusher and Spring cone crusher to you. With simple structure and high quality, it works with a greater capacity and lower cost. Usually, extract us the raw materials (limestone, shale, silica and pyrite) by explosion or cutting material.

Cement grinding equipment:

For grinding cement, you can choose ball mill or vertical roller mill . Although their principle of operation is different, the grinders are widely applied as cement grinding equipment. In cenment plant, we use vertical roller mill and ball mill grinding cement . At this point, vertical roller mill works using leakage pressure cylinder to break materials; ball mill is the ball of steel grinding materials. Ball mill is also widely applied in the process of grinding of clinker. Here, the clinker is ground into a fine powder with other raw materials, such as gypsum. Caiman grinding equipment operates with a higher capacity and save energy greatly by using an electrical automation system that optimizes the grinding process.

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