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Roller Crusher for coal processing plant

Roller crusher is ideally used for secondary crushing or tertiary crushing of various medium hard materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, and so on.

The application of Roller crusher

Depending on the number of rollers, roller crusher can be divided into double roller crusher and four-roller crusher. With the advantages of reliable operation, simple maintenance and low operating cost, Caiman roller crushers are widely used in a variety of industries, such as cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power and coal etc.

Roller Crusher Structure and Working Principle

  • 1. Our roller crusher is mainly composed of roller, roller support bearings, compaction device, adjustment device and drive unit etc.
  • 2. Adjustment of discharge size: A wedge-shaped adjustment device that has an adjusting bolt on the top is installed between two rollers.
  • When the wedge is being pulled upward by the bolt, the movable roller will be thrown off from the fixed roller by the wedge. The gap between two rollers will be larger, so that the discharge size will be larger. When the wedge is pulled downward, the movable roller will be compressed by the pressure spring, resulting in smaller gap between two rollers. The discharge size can also be adjusted by the gasket between two rollers. When increasing the number of gasket, the gap between the rollers will be larger. And the gap will be smaller when the gasket is reduced.

  • 3. The drive unit consists of two motors, which drive groove roller through V-belt to make the roller rotate in the opposite direction.
  • 4. After the material enters the feed port, it passes through roller, and then is compacted, crushed, and discharged from the lower side of rack.
  • 5. For the sake of safety, the driving unit should be equipped with safety cover according to the actual situation.