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Industrial Applications of Lithium Minerals

Lithium minerals, lithium and its compounds have assumed great military and civilian significance after the Second World War. Some of the lithium compounds are considered to have been used as rocket propellants and in nuclear reactors. Lithium has two stable isotopes with mass numbers of 6 and 7 with relative abundance of 7.5 and 92.5%. The former isotope is used for the production of tritium, extra heavy hydrogen, an intermediate explosive in the manufacture of hydrogen bombs. It serves as well in the preparation of lithium deutride, which is also used in the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb.

Chemicals of Lithium Minerals

Lithium minerals are mainly utilized in the manufacture of lithium carbonate which is the starting point for the manufacture of various chemicals which are used in lubricating greases, ceramics, air-conditioning and refrigeration, alkaline storage battery, bearing and welding aluminium, bleaching, chlorination of water in swimming pools and several other purposes.

Lithium chloride is largely used in refrigeration and air-conditioning plants as it is one of the most hygroscopic of all inorganic salts. Lithium hydroxide is used for absorbing carbon dioxide in submarines and as a constituent of respirators. Chloride and fluoride compounds are used in welding and brazing.

Dry lithium hypochlorite is used as a bleach in laundries and for chlorination of swimming pools.

The uses of lithium chemicals are expanding in their many ramifications.

Metallic of Lithium Minerals

It finds small use in alloying with metals of higher melting points like Cr, Al, Mg, Cu, Pb and Zn. It imparts toughness and tensile strength to the alloy. Lithium is also used as a scavenging material for metallic minerals and gases in the metallurgy of several metals.

The Crusher of Lithium Minerals

The common Lithium minerals crushing and grindng process is below: The raw Lithium minerals is feeded to jaw crusher and crushed by vibrating feeder in jaw crusher down to 5 mm particle size, then crushed Lithium minerals is feeded into the ball mill for grinding. The final product of crushing and grinding process will be processed and extracted by other equipment. Caiman Group can supply jaw crusher as Lithium minerals primary crusher and cone crusher as secondary crusher if necessary. Additional, Caiman can provide ball mill for grinding spodumene. Caiman MSB or MXB coarse powder mill and MTM trapezium mill is a good substitute of ball mill.

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