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Used Coal preparation equipment

Coal preparation equipment with proven performance

Caiman's McNally line of coal preparation equipment combines high-capacity performance with quality construction. The benefits to you are higher throughputs per unit cost and a long service life. Having supplied more than 500 coal preparation plants and handling systems worldwide, you can be sure that our coal preparation equipment is field-proven dependable.

Centrifugal dryers

Centrifugal dryers in coal preparation are especially suited to continuously separating mixtures of coal solids and liquids in large quantities.

Typical applications include coal fines, refuse fines, coarse slurry and middlings. Two models are available, the larger one having a feed capacity of over 200 tons per hour of a 2" x 0 coal. Product moistures as low as 2% may be achieved, depending upon the material size distribution.

Coal washing jigs

Our McNally Baum-type coal washing jigs are especially designed to handle high amounts of refuse in the feed material. Individual control of jig stroke, air and water assure accurate separation.

The unique multi-finger design of the refuse gate guards against unwanted coal migration to the refuse elevators. Feed rates as high as 1000 tons per hour can be accomodated in a single machine. Feed top size of up to 8" can be handled.

Heavy media vessels

Our Lo-flo dense media vessels are designed to separate coal from refuse using a very gentle medium flow to simulate laboratory sink-float performance.

The use of low quantities of media results in the lowest possible system cost. Machine size depends upon the amount of float coal product or on the amount of sinks refuse. Our 10 foot wide lo-flo dense media vessels can handle over 300 tons per hour of most 8" top size coal.

Modular prep plants

The main advantage of modular plants is that they are pre-engineered and have a shorter completion time than conventional prep plants. This timesavings results in lower capital costs. In addition, modular plants offer the efficiency and reliability available in most custom built plants, but have the added benefit of being easy to disassemble and move to a new location. Finally, modular plants may be designed to allow the addition of future modules to expand the plant only when production increases warrant.

Modular plants employ conventional coal washing equipment. Many standard circuits are available including heavy medium washing (both vessel and cyclone), jigs, and water-only cyclones.

Rotary brakers

Caiman's McNally line of rotary coal breakers is designed to receive run-of-mine coal. The coal breaker provides both positive control of the top size and liberation of rock from the coal.

The rotary principle has the advantage of very low fines production because undersize coal is immediately screened out. Our very heavy-duty construction minimizes maintenance and provides long-term, trouble-free operation.

Breakers are available with diameters of up to 13'-6" and lengths up to 29'. Feed capacity can exceed 2000 TPH and top size may be as great as 84", depending upon the material characteristics.

Strata-Trol jig controls

Caiman's patented strata-trol jig control system provides a proven method of increasing the recovery of washed coal and reducing the amount of plant refuse.

Strata-Trol is a true density measurement system that monitors the changing density of the jig bed to allow accurate removal of the lower refuse layers. And because measurement is taken over a wide signal path, local variations in bed material characteristics are dampened. Since Strata-Trol does not use any moving parts in measuring bed density, it can't wear out and degrade long term performance. Strata-Trol can be retrofit on any McNally or Jeffrey jig and, with some modification, can be used on most other types also.

Water-only cyclones

Caiman's McNally Visman Tricone has the ability to clean fine coal without dense media and with no moving parts. It is a gravimetric separation cyclone in the hydrocyclone category.

It can be employed as a cleaning device upstream of other washing equipment to process fines. A variety of vortex finders and apex nozzles are available, depending upon the particular requirements of the application.

Three sizes of Tricone are offered: 8", 12" and 24" diameter. Coal slurries with feed sizes from 28M x 0 to 1-1/4" x 0 and capacities from 130 GPM to 1820 GPM are typically processed in a single Tricone.