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Coal gangue crusher

Coal gangue introduction

Coal gangue is in the process of coal mining and coal washing process emissions of solid waste, is a coal-forming processes and associated with a carbon content of coal seam in lower, than hard coal black grey rocks. Including roadway excavation in waste rock from the roof, floor and mezzanine, extractive process in production of waste rock, as well as singling out of gangue-washing in the washing process.

Coal gangue application

At present mainly being used for the production of coal gangue cement, coal gangue light aggregate concrete, refractory brick and other building materials, and also can be used to recycle coal, coal and gangue mixed burning power generation, production of crystallization of aluminum chloride, water glass and other chemical products and the extraction of precious metals, but also for fertilizer.

Utilization ways of coal gangue as follows:

Recovery of coal and pyrite:

Through simple process such as crushing and screening of coal gangue from washing out good coal in coal gangue, by filtering the Choose low quality coal, while picking out of the pyrite. Recovery of coal for power boiler fuel, waste washing can be used for building materials, pyrite as chemical raw materials.

For power:

Mainly used in washing and washing of coal gangue-firing power. China has used washing and washing of coal waste in fluidized bed furnace combustion mixture (about 2000 kcal per kg heat) power generation. After a crusher to produce slag brick blast furnace slag and slag cement. Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands built with their own power plant and coal mine coal preparation plant to take advantage of coal, coal and gangue in power generation.

Manufacturing building materials:

Instead of clay as a brick-making raw materials, less fertile land digging. When the brick, its fuel with coal gangue, save coal. Coal gangue in part or all of the production of Portland cement instead of clay composition. Spontaneous combustion or artificial burned coal gangue, has a certain activity, as cement active admixture of, production of ordinary Portland cement (content is less than 20%), the ash mass concrete (content 20~50%) and with less clinker cement (volume fly greater than 50%). Can also directly in the right proportion and lime, gypsum, ground into non-clinker cement to be used as a binder, in boiling slag as aggregate or in stones, boiling slag as coarse aggregate made from concrete blocks or concrete hollow blocks and other construction materials. United Kingdom, and Belgium and other State-owned special-purpose instead of siliceous raw material production of coal gangue cement factory.

Utilization of coal gangue in the process, usually to be broken into appropriate coal gangue particles, Caiman coal gangue crushing equipment:

Pit coal gangue power plant

The tailings are accompanied by the bio-use of the coal gangue to improve the environment, but turning waste into coal Treasury power gangue generation by burning a low calorific value of coal ganguethe consumption of heating high-cost of energy than electricity generation better quality coal. In addition, the use of coal gangue electric power is only the Internet to sell to achieve its economic benefits. Construction of the base of large size thermal power, the use of coal gangue, coal, poor quality coal and other fuels to low mud calorific achieve combined heat and power.