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Bauxite jaw crusher

Bauxite introduction

Bauxite is the industry can actually use to gibbsite, a boehmite or diaspore is mainly composed of mineral ores collectively. Bauxite applications both metal and non-metallic is the best material for aluminum production is the most important areas of application, use of the world's bauxite production accounts for more than 90%. The amount of bauxite in the proportion of non-metallic area is small, but use is very extensive. Mohs hardness of 2.5 to 3.5, specific gravity 2.40

Bauxite processing plant

Exploitation of bauxite, exploited Bauxite will be processed after the drilling, blasting, loading and transport. Bauxite processing includes the crushing of the ore, crushing ore, and magnetic separation, flotation inverse and so forth. Most of the iron ores will be delivered to the ore Crusher. The rest will be stored in a ROM block for subsequent grinding.

Bauxite grinding machine

The extract of bauxite will be transported to the primary Crusher. More businesses and wet ore will be sent to the ROM reserves for pretreatment before being sent to the primary Crusher. Primary and secondary crushing followed of a screening will result in pieces and fines of size included between 8 mm to 32 mm and 8 mm - respectively. Lump sum and fine products will be loaded and transported to the port.

Caiman crushing equipment for bauxite grinding

Caiman group provide a wide range of plants for grinding of bauxite, which can be used for processes through wet and dry open or closed-circuit. In addition to be used as a treatment for crushing ores, our mill is also used for milling of materials in bulk minerals, etc.

We produced a wide range of Jaw crushers, Cone crushers and Impact crushers, as well as equipment crushing for quarries and mines, including mobile Crusher facilities and mobile screening.

Outside the high-quality productions, we offer a full range of care services to life, including maintenance, service programs, spare parts and training around grinding equipment and the process they are used to. With more than 130 countries exported, we have become one of the market leaders in our mining areas of career.

We provide the bauxite crushing and screening