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Vertical roller mill

Vertical Roller Mill introduction

Vertical Roller Mill is a new kind of large-scale grinding mill which is designed specially to solve the problems of low capacity and high consumption of industry mills. With decades of years’ research, it is designed and manufactured based on our advanced design idea. Now it has found its extensive application in the mining ,chemistry, non-metallurgy , coal grinding, and other hundreds of industries.

Main Structures

Vertical roller mill mainly consists of : powder-collector,grinding roller ,pressure equipment,grinding plate ,decelerator,electric motor,and and the machine shell ,etc.

Working Principle

  • 1)The motor dives the grinding table to turn through the speed reducer. At the same time, hot air comes into the roller mill from the air inlet. The materials fall down the centre of grinding table from the feeder.
  • 2)Because of the centrifugal force, the materials move to the edge of grinding table from the centre.
  • 3).The materials are crushed by the grinding roller when they passes the groove on the grinding table. The crusher materials continue to move to the edge of the grinding table until they are taken away by the airstream. The fine powder comes out with the airstream, and is gathered by the dust catcher of the system. The powder gathered is the final product of roller mill.

4)In the process of the contact of airstream , the materials are dried to meet the clients’ need at the proper moisture. Through the adjustment of the angle between the separator and the leaf of wind’s direction (not suitable to the small type of vertical mill), and also the speed of the separator rotor, it can reach the proper fineness of the materials.

The technical advantages

  • 1)The time materials stayin the machine body is short ,which can reduce the repeating grinding and have a stable quality.
  • 2)The adjustable dry air temoeture,and high drying ability ,energy-saving.
  • 3)The non-direct contacting equipment installed on the roller shells and the grinding liner can avoid the damage compact and strong shaking.
  • 4)The machine merges the crushing ,drying,grinding ,and classifying into a single whole .
  • 5)The grinding roller and the liner adopts the high-quality materials ,which can reduce the abrasion and increase the service life .
  • 6)The whole seal of the equipment makes the system work in a negative environment with no dust leaking and a clean environment.

Technical Data:

Model LM130K LM150K LM170K LM190K LM220K LM240K
Medium diameter(mm) 1300 1500 1700 1900 2200 2400
capacity(t/h) 10~30 13~40 18~57 23~72 36~114 41~128
Finished size μm 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45
Item 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325
Humidity of the finished ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1%
Max feeding size(mm) <38 <40 <42 <45 <50 <55
Best Humidity of Raw material <4% <4% <4% <4% <4% <4%
Drying Humidity amount of Raw material <15% <15% <15% <15% <15% <15%
Air Inlet Temperature(℃) <350 <350 <350 <350 <350 <350
Air outlet Temperature(℃) 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95
Power of main motor(KW) 185~220 250~280 355~400 450~500 710~800 800~900
Overall Dimension(mm) Lengthmm 3500 4200 4700 8500 10200 11700
Widthmm 3400 3900 4500 5600 6700 7700
Hightmm 5800 7100 8300 8800 10600 12200
Weight(t) 48 75 90 100 125 160

Note: This specification is just for reference, any changes are subject to the products.