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Straight Centrifugal Mill introduction

Straight Centrifugal mill is a kind of thick grinding powder to meet the requirements of the custemers . It is designed on the basis of the traditional grinder and are applicable in the fields of building materials ,highway,chemistry,mining and water conversancy and other industries. It can grind non-flammable and non-explosive materials with the Moh’s hardness below 9.5, such as calcite, barite,marble,ceramics, chenevixite,quartz sand ,grantie ,etc.

Working Principle

  • 1)The speed reducer ,which is installed on the main machine ,makes the central axis rotate through shaft coupling .The rollers ,which are hanging on the hanger roll with the central axis ,roll around the inside of the ring .
  • 2) The materials fall on to the the dispersing materials plate and then be evenly sent in the spare between the roller and ring along the circle.After being grinded into the right size ,they are discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the machine .

Technical Advantages

  • 1)High efficiency : With the same condition,the grinding roller of Straight Centrifugal mill can cover an area of 2.3times larger than Raymond mill’s.
  • 2) High production : As the good grinding roller and ring, and its high-effiency , the output is up by 37% around than the traditional Raymond mill’s.
  • 3) High usage rate : Grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill are sunken in middle parts ,so the metal amount of the discharged part is only 35% of original weight ,but material in straight Centrifugal Grinder fall from top to bottom ,so the metal amount can reach as high as 65%.
  • 4)Broad application : In Straight Centrifugal Grinder, it skives material up and down equably ,and is very suitable for some high-rigidity material ,such as carcarborundum,corundum,zirconium,etc.
  • 5) Occupation area is small: Thanks to the reasonable design of the structure , the occupation of land space is small,and just 50% of the Raymond mill’s.
  • 6)Clean environment : No dust pollution in the work shop improves the working condition a lot and also reduces the lost of the fine powder.

Technical Data:

Type Feed size (mm) Product size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power of Main motor (Kw) Dimension (mm)
ZTM 86 < 16 0-2.8 7-11 37 2600×2100×2400
ZTM 125 < 25 0.044-5 15-55 90-110 Φ2300×5600
ZTM 165 < 35 0.044-5 30-120 185-200 Φ3600×8200

Note:This specification is just for reference, any changes are subject to the products.