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MTM series trapezium mill

Medium Speed ​​Trapezium Mill

MTM series Trapezium Mill is a new kind of grinding mills and developed by adoption of many latest proprietary technology . It features new designing, reasonable structure, smaller size, lower energy consumption, longer service life, and less consumption of wearing parts, higher performance cost ratio, etc. All its technical performance have reached the international leading level.Nowadays, our products have been widely used in metallurgy industry, electric power industrial, chemical, building, steel industry, coal industry, etc.

Main Structures

The standard configuration of MTM series Trapezium Mill consists of main unit , powder classifer,cyclone collector,decelerator ,dust catcher ,blower,motor, pipes,feeder,and control cabinet.

Technical advantages

1,The rollers and ring are designed in the main machine of an inverted trapezium controlling the material’s slip velocity between rollers and rings,which can extend the grinding time, and enhance the crushing effect.
2,The whole device’s bearing is improved by one half compared with the other mills; and the forming resilient connection can reduce the vibration and noise, and it can also avoid the resonance.
3,The powder classifier adopts high density impeller, which can increase precision of powder and capacity.
4,There is a high-efficiency and energy-saving blower installed on our machine.
5,There is a convenient impeller adjusting device.

Working Principle

The main unit runs with the a central shaft driven by a transmission device .The top of the shaft is connected quincunx stand,on which a grinding roller is installed to form a awing support ,the grinding roller not only rotates around its own axis ,it also rotates around the grinding ring and rotates itself due to the friction.

There is spade system under the quincunx stand ,which is at the bottom end of the grinding roller .During rotation of the spade and the rollers ,materials will be fed into the space between rollers and ring to form a material layer.The materials will be grinded due to centrifugal force.

Technical Data

Item MTM100 MTM130 MTM160
Number of roller 4 5 6
Major diameter of roller × Height(mm) Φ320×200 Φ410×240 Φ440×270
Internal diameter of roller × Height(mm) Φ980×200 Φ1280×240 Φ1600×270
Main engine spindle speed(mm) 130 103 82
Maximum feeding grain size(mm) <25 <30 <35
Grain size of finished product (mm) 1.6 -0.038 1.6 -0.038 1.6 -0.038
Output (t/h) 3 - 8.8 6 -13 13 -22
Overall dimension (mm) 9910×5365×8310 7910×7000×9645 12550×5700×8355
Weight(t) 16 26.1 35

Name Item Unit Specification and technical data
MTM100 MTM130 MTM160
Motor of
main engine
Model - Y225M-4 Y280S-4 Y135M1-4
Power kw 45 90 132
Spindle speed r/min 1480 1480 1480
Motor of adjustable varying speed motor Model - GZT2-42-4 YCT200-4B JZT2-52-4
Power kw 5.5 7.5 11
Spindle speed r/min 125~1250 125~1250 125~1250
Motor of elevator Model - Y1000L-4 Y1000L2-4 Y112M-4
Power kw 3 3 4
Spindle speed r/min 1420 1420 1420
Motor of centrifugal induced draught fan Model - Y225S-4 Y250M-4 Y112M-4
Power kw 37 75 132
Spindle speed r/min 1480 1480 1480
Motor of
jaw crusher
Model PE 200x350 250X400 250x400 257x750
- - Y160M-6 Y180L-6 Y180L-6 Y200M-6
Power kw 7.5 15 15 22
Spindle speed r/min 970 970 970
Magnetic vibration-actuated feeder Model - GZ1F GZ2F GZ3F
Spindle speed watt 60 150 200

Note: This specification is just for reference, any changes are subject to the products.