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Portable Mobile Crusher

To avoid the obstacle the crushing site and environments brought to our clients ,Shanghai Caiman Group have devoted plenty of labour and resource to the research on the Portable series mobile crusher plant for two years . And the appearance of Portable series mobile crusher plant expands the concept field in coarse crushing and fine crushing and really supply simpler, higher efficient ,lower cost machines for clients. Portable Mobile Crusher plant inludes : Portable Mobile Jaw Crusher series ,Portable Mobile Impact Crusher series, Portable Mobile Cone Crusher series.

Main structures

  • 1 ,Conveyor
  • 2 ,Vibrating screen
  • 3 ,Vibrating screen motor
  • 4 ,Cone crusher,jaw crusher,impact crusher
  • 5 ,Crusher motor
  • 6 ,Electric control cabinet

Technical Features

Large crushing ratio,high-efficiency and adapility ,crushing and screening processing,automatic transmitting ,mid &fine strong crushing.