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JCE series jaw crusher

About Caiman JCE series Jaw Crusher

Nowadays, the JCE jaw crusher in European style undoubtedly becomes the most welcome products in the world. When you want to crush the rigid and corrosive materials , the prioriety crusher is the JCE of Jaw Crusher with the most advanced international crushing technology as well as the world-class skills in making .

Structure Features

  • 1. More advanced movable jaw assembly makes it more long-lasting. Movable jaw assembly adopts a high-quality steel casting, and moves through two large cast steel flywheel drive.
  • 2. World-class skills in making are adopted and the use of high-tech materials.
  • 3. Integrated Cast Steel Structure is adopted by Axle Bearing housing.Integrated cast steel structured axle bearing housing can guarantee to be perfectly cooperating with the crushing frame. Meanwhile, it greatly enhances the intensity of the axle bearing.
  • 4. Use of finite element analysis technology makes the crusher with high intensity.
  • 5. More quickly and convenient adjustment at the discharging opening.European styled JCE series of Jaw Crushers are equipped with wedge adjustment devices, which is simpler, safer and faster than former gasket devices.
  • 6. Summarized structure “V” adopted in the crushing cavity makes the actual feed mouth width equal to the set width of the feeding opening.
  • 7. Better carrying capacity.
  • 8. The newly-adopted tooth-boards have greatly increased the effective length of the jaw, resulting in larger yield.

Working Principle

The motor will drive the belt and belt wheel.And the jawstock will swing up and down by the eccentric bearing.The materials will be crushed or cut when the jawstock push the moveable jaw toward the fixed jaw.when the jawstock and moveable jaw retreat as the effect of the eccentric bearing and spring ,the materials which has been crushed or cut will be discharged by the discharge opening.As the continous rotation of the motor and the regular crushing and discharging of materials by the jawstock , JCE series of Jaw Crusher will realize the mass production.

Technical Data:

Model | Datal | Item JC180×1300 JC250×1000 JC250×1300 JC400×600
Feed Inlet Size (mm) 180×1300 250×1000 250×1300 400×600
Max Feed Size (mm) 150 220 220 350
BinOutletRange (mm) 10-30 20-40 25-50 35-85
Shaft Speed (r/min) 320 330 290 250
Capacity (t/h) 12-35 15-50 26-85 15-70
Motor Model Y225M-6 Y225M-6 Y250M-6/Y280S-6 Y225M-6
Power (KW) 30 30 37/45 30
Speed (r/min) 980 980 980 980
Weight (kg) 6000 5600 6000 6800
Supply Voltage (V) 380 380 380 380
Power Frequency (Hz) 50 50 50 50

Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the products of JC series jaw crusher.