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Hydraulic driven track mobile crusher

Hydraulic-Driven Track Mobile Plant introduction

Hydraulic-driven track mobile plant is a kind of newest mobile crushing and screening plant, which is fully driven by hydraulic force and moved by chassis track. This type of mobile plant can be widely used for crushing and screening in many areas such as road construction, building, metallurgical and energy industries, etc.

Performance fertures

  • 1.Conmins diesel engine of high performance makes this track mobile plant cost less oil ,produce less noise and have a more reliable performance . Additionally equipped with low temperature preheating start-up device, the engine can ensure the machine easily to start in the condition of minus 25 temperature.
  • 2.Employing the fully rigid boat structure, the chassis features high strength, low contract pressure , and good adaptability to hilly and marsh areas .
  • 3.High pulling forque travel motor with mature techniques offers strong driving force and high reliability. The use of all-walt variable hydraulic technique in the travel system ensures high performance, reiability and utilization of the motor. The main hydraulic devices like pump ,valve are imported from Japan .
  • 4.Operating system with imported direct servp technique can be easily and precisely controlled and can make us travel in a infinite variable speed.
  • 5. Crushing and screening equipments feature compact conformation and stable performance. The screen equipment set by a obliquity of 20 degree improves the screening ability a lot.

Structure Features

  • 1.Elegant design : Hydraulic-driven track mobile plant features the compact conformation ,light weight ,low transportation cost,and elegant design.
  • 2.Space expanding : Sufficient space on the truck makes room for installation of the second conveyor without changing the main structure ,thus achieving the transmission of the three materials. Feeding hopper is set up in the front of the truck ,which ensures the ample feeding .
  • 3.Function extending : A sifter is installed on the top of the feeding hopper so that materials of small size can drop and be carried away by the belt .

The Specifications of Hydraulic-Driven Track Mobile Plant:

Title Unit Model
Y2S1848L YGE69L Y2S184F00
Dimensions Track broad width mm 2990 2990 2990
Track length mm 4250 4250 4250
Track gauge mm 2390 2390 2390
Track width mm 600 600 600
Transport length mm 12500 13000 12000
Transport Width mm 3150 3150 3150
Transport Height mm 3500 3500 3600
Operating length mm 15800 15200 13800
Operating width mm 3150 3150 2900
Operating height mm 4500 4900 4100
Minimum ground clearance mm 320 320 320
Performance Pressure Flow   28Mpa/180L/Min
Max. speed km/h 1.39
Climbing grade % 30
Engine type    
Engine power kw 92 150 150
Engine speed kw 2100

Note:This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the products.