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HPC cone crusher

HPC cone Crusher

With the international advanced level , HPC cone crusher with high-efficiency and hydraulic pressure are developed by our company by introducing the world’s latest crushing technology. And the machinery’s pressure resistance strength is under 350Mpa. And They are widely suitable for primary crushing of many kinds of mining stones and rocks, such as many kinds of ores, concrete, fireproof materials, transportation, chemistry, etc.

Technical Advantages

  • 1).The new series of HPC cone crusher with high-efficiency and hydraulic pressure equipment adopts three kinds of protecting equipments, such as secure oilcan, locking oilcan and hydraulic driving oilcan.
  • 2).The equipment can also adjust the size of final material,with high reliable and convenient operation.
  • 3). In the special circumstances such as irons was fed into the crushing chamber together with the materials or ,there is a jam in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic equipment could open the cover automatically, and then the products will flow out by themselves,which makes the maintenance more convenient and low cost.
  • 4).HCS90 cone crusher is adjusted by hydraulic device and lubricated by the dilute oil. And with locking sleeve assembly, HCS90 cone crusher can overcome the trouble that the oil and water will be mixed together.
  • 5). The crushing chamber designed according to particles sink principal and its approprite speed can significantly increase the crushing ratio, output and the percentage of cubical product in final crushed materials.
  • 6).The concave and mantle are made by high manganese steel. Owing to the change of the concave’s style and the protect of the crushed products, The abrasion of the machine is reduced greatly and can last longer compared with the old cone crusher.

Working Principle

  • 1)The motor drives a horizontal axle by the triangle belt and belt pulley. While the horizontal axle wiil drive the eccentric bearing bushing by a pair of bevel gear.
  • 2)The axle of moveable bevel swings with the force of eccentric shaft shell ,which makes it move in a regulated way between the concaves and the mantle. And then the materials will be continously pressed and crooked and crushed.
  • 3)At last ,the final products will be discharged from the discharging opening.

Technical parameters:

Model Cavity (coarse/fine) Discharge
setting min.(mm)
Feed opening
movable cone
HPC-160 C 13 150 120-240 160 13 950
F 6 76 55-180
HPC-220 C 13 225 150-430 220 18 1160
F 6 86 90-260
HPC-315 C 13 290 190-610 315 26 1400
F 6 100 108-320
HPC-400 C 13 320 230-700 400 33 1500
F 6 110 145-430

Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the products.