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Coal Pulverize

Pulverization Services

Caiman is a major supplier of both steam coal and coal coke with extensive experience to meet the needs and challenges of the use of the coal utilization industry. Caiman group provided technical advice for many customers concerning the storage, handling and coal milling.

Caiman operates a mill pulverizer which is available to customers on a contractual basis.

The installation of pulverization presents the following features:

  • Pulverize coal or coke client specified-200 mesh size
  • "Size of feeding up to 2"
  • Many a tonne to hundreds of tonnes
  • Flow rates up to 2 tons / hour
  • Low oxygen content of drying gas recirculation
  • Pulverize dried to moisture of 1 %
  • Storage under inert atmosphere of 80 tons of coal pulverized
  • Loadout for the bags in bulk and trucks
  • For bulk loaded bags storage area
  • Stockpile area for 100 ton coarse coal
  • Full available analytical laboratory services

Coal Pulverize equipment

Please contact us to learn more about Caiman of Pulverization of coal and fuel milling and grinding services.