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Coal crusher

Coal grinding mill introduction

Coal powder mill also called coal pulverzier,it is important auxiliary equipment for coal-powder boiler, and it has three methods to crush the coal briquette and grind them into a pulverized coal,like crushing, impacting and grinding. Coal grinding process is the process of increasing coal was broken and its surface area.

By grinding coal working speed of the part can be divided into low speed Coal mill, medium speed Coal mill and high-speed grinding machines. The Caiman coal mill grinds and dries all types of coal and is highly economical in terms of specific energy consumption.

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Caiman coal mill key benefits

  • 1, Reliability of operation / high availability
  • 2, Deals with all types of coal
  • 3, Low specific energy consumption
  • 4, Minimal space requirements
  • 5, Compact design
  • 6, Suitable for grinding any type of coal
  • 7, Long service life of grinding parts

How Caiman coal mill works?

Raw coal between the plant via a screw to feed and is evacuated on the rotary table grinding. Table rotation accelerates the flow of material runway of grinding, where coal is crushed between the table and the three rolls.

Coal continues then the ring of the dam and is driven in the dry hot air in the mill through the nozzle ring. Air lifts large particles backwards on the grinding table and scans the finer particles in place in the separator. If the end product leaves the factory with air, it goes to a cyclone or filter to handle, where elle is collected.

The benefits of the concept

  • Highly efficient dynamic separator RAKM ensures end product of high quality with excellent combustion efficiency
  • Segmented rollers and table wear parts extend the life and facilitate the installation of
  • Large rollers permit coarse food and ensure a thick layer of grinding for maximum availability
  • Separator and nozzle ring are sized independently of the factory itself and selected based on the amount of
  • Gas needed for drying and transport of materials
  • Reversible roll segments ensure the use of heavy equipment, even in the case of uneven wear
  • Suitable for different types of installation - inert or non-inert, direct / indirect fire systems

Caiman coal mill and serives

Caiman group specializes in providing very high quality used coal mills design. We offer used coal mills that have had very low operating hours and are well-maintained in utility boiler applications that have been converted to oil firing.

We offer professional engineering services for sizing and selection of used coal mills. Give us your coal grinding requirements including the flow rate and desired fineness along with the characteristics of moisture and Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI). We can also help with recommendations for dynamic classifiers and refurbishment to meet our customers’ needs.

We will contract for the removal and transportation of your coal used mill from its present location to your destination and can arrange for containerization and ocean freight requirements.