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Raymond coal grinding mill

Raymond coal mill introduction

Raymond mill is considered the best materials of the equipment of grinding for coal spraying. With the high cost of fuel, many companies find that it is more cost-effective use of coal or coke main as fuel oil or replacement for baking furnaces, air heaters and other equipment for treatment.

Raymond coal mill

Raymond’s many years of experience in the design and construction of coal pulverizing equipment and systems provides a system that is built to provide the flexibility necessary for today’s sophisticated process systems.Power input is for mill only.

Three major factors that affect the ability of any sawmill Bowl given: the desired fineness, Grindability of fuel and the initial moisture. As Grindability (usually measured on the index Hardgrove) increases or decreases, so the capacity of the plant.

Typical system provisions

Shown below are two typical solid fuel arrangements in which Raymond Bowl Mill has excelled. Many variants are available. Visit Alstom Power, Raymond operations for more information and assistance in a design for your application. Combustion direct system - the simplest and most secure system for cooking coal pulverized. storage Bin - indirect system system uses one or more bins to store the fuel before cooking.

Typical applications

The mill of Raymond, his great degree of flexibility and reliability, has played an important role in the conversion of solid fuels by a number of industries. Raymond mills are now operating successfully in applications very diverse as kiln cement, lime, gasification and coal liquefaction plants, furnaces taconite, Rotary dryers, furnace bricks, industrial furnaces and air heaters, boilers and coal oil mixture /-fire.

Caiman Used coal mills

Used coal mills of the Raymond design have long been the top choice throughout the cement and lime industries for grinding coal for firing systems in kilns, preheaters, and flash calciners. They are also gaining increasing favor for petroleum coke applications. All Raymond used coal mills offered through our service are in excellent condition. We will contract for removal and transportation of your used coal mill.

Raymond coal mill Technical Data:

Type Roller Ring Max.Feeding size (mm) Fineness of product (mm) power for Machine (kw)
NO dimension (mm) height (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) HEIGHT (mm)
3R2115 3 210 150 630 150 15 0.44-0.165 15
3R2615 3 260 150 780 150 15-20 0.44-0.165 18.5
3R2715 3 270 140 830 140 15-20 0.44-0.165 22
3R3016 3 300 160 880 160 15-20 0.44-0.165 30
4R3216 4 320 160 970 160 20-25 0.44-0.165 37

Note:This specification is just for reference, any changes are subject to the products.

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