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Ball coal mill

Ball coal mill introduction

To spray coals of high and low capacity of milling, grinding ball are preferred because they can achieve a great finesse, necessary for a good fire, and maintain a very high availability. With some arrangements of shooting, particles more coarse classifier mill returns at the plant of the drum when the "product" is transported to an other solids separator- and the intermediate storage system. This design, first preferred by flame stability, is often called an indirect arrangement of fire.

For difficult burning coals, anthracites, FW has since provided a system of burners Archfiring cyclone capable of ventilating cold air which carries coal from the factory, the enrichment of the air mixture coal. Therefore, FW Arch-fire units can be drawn anthracites with the crusher ball in a direct-fire arrangement. A direct heating system eliminates the investment, operating and maintenance costs, and risks to the security of the extra separator, bins of intermediate storage and distributors below indirect fire systems.

Ball coal mill Maintenance

Grinding of raw materials, coal and cement clinker is a vital function and includes three major departments of the plant: grinding of raw materials, grinding coal and cement grinding.

Coal Mill maintenance and repair mill are two critical factors to ensure the efficiency of production. Poor maintenance can lead to time more short-term, causing huge financial losses. Maintenance carried out according to the prescribed procedures will greatly improve the availability of the plants and facilities increase effi ciency.

  • 1, Safety issues
  • 2, Maintenance of mill body
  • 3, Maintenance of mill supports
  • 4, Maintenance of mill drives
  • 5, Wear parts and wear
  • 6, Mill and mill drive alignment
  • 7, Maintenance and repairs of separators.

Ball coal mill technical Data:

Type Roller Ring Max.Feeding size(mm) Fineness of product(mm) power for Machine(kw)
NO dimension (mm) height (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) HEIGHT (mm)
3R2115 3 210 150 630 150 15 0.44-0.165 15
3R2615 3 260 150 780 150 15-20 0.44-0.165 18.5
3R2715 3 270 140 830 140 15-20 0.44-0.165 22
3R3016 3 300 160 880 160 15-20 0.44-0.165 30
4R3216 4 320 160 970 160 20-25 0.44-0.165 37

Note: This specification is just for reference, any changes are subject to the products.

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